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6 Creative Ideas For Your Launch Event

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

A group forms launch event ideas

If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, then you will need a creative product launch event idea. Anyone can host a happy hour or a simple social media event, but your brand isn’t about doing things like everyone else.

We’ve put together 6 creative launch party ideas to help get you motivated.

Unusual location

Instead of a convention hall or hotel ballroom, consider holding your launch event in an unusual location. We’ve created launch events on NYCs Pier 6 Downtown Heliport, on the beach in the Hamptons, on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and literally all across the globe.

For your next launch party, think outside the box. Choose a venue that elevates the product.

Influence the influencers

If you really want to scale, you need to get some heavy-hitting influencers on your side. This requires identifying those who are speaking to your target audience and inviting them to come on board. Determine your terms and plan the event with their reach in mind. Provide branded photo ops and the stories that you need them to amplify.

Don’t forget to utilize the swag bag to get everyone talking. Promote a unified hashtag and watch the mentions grow.

Keep your secrets

It often works well to start a whisper campaign surrounding your event. Release a few enticing details, and get people talking, but don’t give away the big secrets of the event. Are you having big-name celebrities or bands at the event? Tease the crowd with this information.

Be exclusive

This may sound counterintuitive, but exclusivity is one of our favorite product launch ideas, as events with limited access generate buzz. Consider limited tickets as an incentive to clients who have bought from you in the past. What about access to your event for those who bought a targeted NFT?

Find a theme

The right theme will make or break a launch event. This is a great chance to get really creative. Start with the product you are launching, think of who you are trying to entice, and go from there.

When Basil Hayden’s. needed a launch event for their Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey during the pandemic, we were challenged to recreate the pleasure of a shared moment through a virtual, live broadcasted experience. We created an innovative and exciting theme called “The New Age of Hosting” bringing together bourbon ambassadors and talented experts from different locations as hosts in one virtual setting.

Enter the Metaverse

As with the event we mentioned above, don’t forget that not all launch events need to happen in person. Or not completely in person, anyway. Virtual, hybrid, or even virtual reality events are growing in popularity, and in function.

In our blog, we describe one such event, where Buffalo London held an innovative product launch of a digital-only product that lives only in the metaverse. Prada launched a line of real-world products at a VR launch party with 170 million attendees.

All of this means that when it comes to launch event ideas, the sky's the limit. You are bound only by your budget, your creativity, and your skill set.

Looking for some creative marketing help? See how Gradient can help.

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