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GRADIENT Experiential is a leader in immersive virtual experience that generate a genuine emotional connection.

Virtual & Hybrid Events Solutions

Pre-Event Virtual Engagement

Virtual experiences are digital shows. As such, rehearsals, training and pep-talks are essential. Let us bring the limelight to your performance.

Content Creation for the Now

Audience Engagement

There is a lot vying for your audience's attention while they connect remotely.  Planning surprise interactions, 2nd screen engagements, gamified moments and planned crescendos keeps them emotionally invested in your content.

Custom Virtual Event Environments

Whether a customized virtual experience for a green-screen shoot, or a physical stage for a livecast only experience, you should still look like "you" in the virtual world.

Remote Broadcasting 

From in-home kits to professionalize the shoot, to green screen remote set-ups with virtual designed environments, to designed environments for live soundstage broadcasts, we can design the perfect setting for your livecast experience. 

Livestreaming and Live Hosting

Whether you want to limit attendee travel or simply extend the life of your campaign, livestreaming can broaden your audience and multiply your event’s impact while live hosting ensures the right virtual home for your content.

Adapted Content Creation

How you say it is just as important as what you say. GRADIENT will provide content development, storyboarding, scripting, video production, speaker training/coaching, graphics, Keynote presentations,
and digital/social content strategy and assets.

for Contingency Planning

Don't get caught scrambling to activate once the opportunities are here. Instead, work through all of the details of your activation, putting you in the starting blocks for whenever activations make sense for you.

Adapted Hygiene Protocols
for Hybrid Experiences

From social distancing to eliminating all physical touch points, to onsite rapid testing protocols, our creative and production teams develop hygiene plans adapted to your brand, that enhance - vs detract from - the experience.


The Right (Tech) Tool
for your (Virtual/Hybrid) Job

The right technology can make or break the experience.  Unfortunately, because of confusing terminology, great tools aren’t always used for the right needs. Start with your brand and your audience’s needs, and let that lead the technology.


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Tech Tools for Virtual events

Keeping Human Connection at the Center
of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Some may chalk up the limited connection of lack-luster virtual events to a perceived screen-based reality that nothing can replace the emotion of in-person.  And yet, some digital experiences do achieve that emotional connection. So what are the key ingredients to the screen-based secret sauce?


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Virtual Events and Human Connection

10+ years of Hybrid Experience

At Gradient, our primary mission is to optimize human connection and create meaningful and memorable interactions between brands and customers/stakeholders.  In the hybrid experience space, we have been broadcasting those meaningful experiences to our clients’ target audiences since 2010.


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10 years of Hybrid Event Experience
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