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Why organic human connection NEEDS to be at the center of your marketing strategy

Your consumers’ experience with your brand is your social currency.

Word-of-mouth is still your bread and butter, even in the digital age. How do you gain that level of influence with your audience? Through immersive experiences in the 3D and IRL.

At GRADIENT, this approach is at the heart of everything we create for our clients — beyond tech and measurability. Producing content that meets your consumers’ desire for impact is critical. Jonah Berger’s 6 STEPPS are the best I’ve seen when it comes to kindling content that spreads like wildfire:

  1. Social Currency: If you make your target consumer feel like an insider when it comes to your content, you’ll increase sharability.

  1. Triggers: Top of mind, tip of tongue. The key is to be punchy, memorable, and culturally relevant.

  2. Emotion: When we care, we share. Create content from experiences that strike a chord and amp up the goosebumps. This will inspire your audience to share with friends, family, and followers.

  3. Public: If it’s built to show, it’s built to grow. Think Tiffany blue or Chanel’s tweed suit. If you create things that advertise themselves, they can become iconic.

  4. Practicality: News you can use. People like to pass along practical information.

  5. Stories: Stories are vessels. While incredible stories are vital, they’re best served when brought to life. Branding presidents across industries like beauty, spirits, and fashion come to us because we don’t stop at storytelling — we bring their stories to life in a visceral way.

There’s no replacement for human analog. Authentic human connection is still king. When organic human connection lives at the center of your marketing strategy, you’ll be on the tip of your consumer’s tongue.

(Image generated by the creative team with AI uploading an image of our Clinique Soho pop-up and prompting an "overlay of transparent metrics").

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