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Why Content Immediacy is Critical in Boosting Social Currency

Golden Goose | L.A. Golden Spirit

The next generation of advertising will be content in a heartbeat.

As a leading digital innovator in the branding space, my company recently created an impactful experience for one of our clients. The results were nothing short of extraordinary.

But there was a problem: as strong as the experience was, the client learned that the company in charge of retouching their visual assets would not be able to provide them until 10 days following the event. By then, the direct experience's emotional resonance would have long faded. We knew we had to step in.

GRADIENT’s solution is simple yet powerful. It means guests can share professional content while they’re experiencing your brand. No more waiting for weeks to receive professionally captured assets. You get social currency immediately: fresh, relevant, and shareable.

Here's how extending through digital boosts your branding experiences:

  • Increased social sharing and exposure on social media

  • Professional and curated content captured by photographers and videographers

  • Immediacy of content sharing directly from your phone

  • Promotion of the brand through social currency

The takeaway?

Traditional ad content — or content shared after an event’s emotional impact has faded — is usually ignored. If you want influencers and consumers to share content around your brand, it needs to be immediate — feeding off the energy and excitement of the moment.

How will you leverage next-generation technology for game-changing solutions?

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