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Turning Digital Ingredients into a Crispy Toast: The Creative Approach to Technology at GRADIENT

I like my toast well-done. Burnt, some would say.

In the above diagram, I'm bottom middle. I show it to waiters, so there’s no misunderstanding when I ask for “well-done” toast. But honestly, I'm happier when I can make it at home, judgment-free.

My point is, I make toast. Not bread. I'm not a baker – I picked up other hobbies during the pandemic.

At GRADIENT, we approach technology the same way. We’re not developers (at least, I’m not). We’re creatives.

We don’t invent technology or culture from scratch. Instead, we remix and enhance them with strategic, bespoke, and wonderful ideas that become something greater than the sum of its parts.

Take augmented reality (AR). It’s a big term, but I see it as a tool to enrich reality and meet our targets. We have:

  • AR filters on social media that can amplify UGC,

  • AR gaming tools to educate and entertain in the moment,

  • and AR CGI to intensify modern storytelling.

If these digital instruments are our bread and butter, then how we leverage them is the difference between crisp toast and a plain slice of soggy bread.

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