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Storytelling to Storyliving

Great storytelling isn’t enough to out-impact the competition. That’s the baseline. Next-gen consumers have to experience your story.

But what does this look like in practice?

When GRADIENT created a consumer experience in NYC to launch Prada Group’s feminine fragrance, Paradoxe, we wanted attendees to engage with all the elements of the product’s essence. A triangle-shaped venue mimicked the Prada logo and the shape of the fragrance bottle, illustrating woman’s multidimensional nature.

Branded interactive booths powered by AI and infinity rooms comprised a “Prada Paradoxe world” for influencers to step into, while bottles of the perfume were placed throughout for physical product interactions. People could see, smell, touch, and immerse themselves in the brand’s story.

As a result, Prada saw a whopping 4x the average engagement and a 28% increase in post-campaign retail traffic. That’s the power of experiential marketing for today’s global brands.

Are you ready to invite consumers into your brand’s story?

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