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6 Creative Launch Event Ideas You Should Know

People brainstorming product launch event ideas

Launching a new product or service is an exciting time for any business. The launch event should reflect the energy of the new venture and should be engaging and memorable for your intended audience.

Here are 6 creative launch event ideas to make your launch event a success.

Interactive Challenges

By creating interactive challenges, you will engage your audience and get them involved in the celebration. This can involve anything from trivia contests to mobile-based scavenger hunts that involve uncovering product attributes within the experience venue.

Live Entertainment

Having live entertainment at the launch event will keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening. Live bands, DJs, comedians, fire dancers, and other performers can liven up any experience and add a unique element of excitement to your big night. Just think about the “personality” of your brand or your new product, and try to extract the attributes that can be found in a performer. Is your product energizing like a pop singer? Does your service simplify your life and bring you calm like a smooth-flowing dance group?

Event Theme

Adding a theme to your launch event will give it direction and help set the tone for your celebration. Having a specific theme makes it easier to plan decor, food, drinks, music, etc., as well as provides a great conversation starter for guests when they arrive at the launch event.

Again, think of the personality of your brand and your star product/service and try to extract a unique theme that your audience will relate to. Is your product gritty/urban? How about a 90s skater environment? Is your service fully eco-friendly? How about a fully sustainable-focused design?

H2: Social Media Hashtag Challenge

Create an exclusive hashtag for your launch event so that guests can share their experiences on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram in real-time during the event.

Another way you can use hashtags is by giving away prizes to anyone who uses them on their post – this encourages more people to participate in social media conversations about your product or service launch.

Go Virtual

With so many people now working from home, virtual events have become increasingly popular. A virtual launch event can be used to engage people in ways that would not be possible in person. You can use interactive video conferencing tools and invite speakers from around the world to join your event.

For virtual product launch event ideas, try sending out samples of your product to some of your guests to get them to try it during the event.

Invite Influencers

Inviting influencers to your launch event is a great way to create buzz and draw attention to your product or service. There’s a reason influencer marketing is so popular, explains Harvard Business Review. Influencers will help spread the word about your event and reach a larger audience through their networks.

For hybrid product launch event ideas, bring your influencers on to help facilitate product testing. Maybe they can use your product in the virtual space and the in-person experience.

Need Help? We Got You

Your product or service launch is only as successful as how you market it – which means putting together an amazing launch event should be a top priority!

By using these 6 creative ideas, you will be sure to have a memorable launch experience that will leave guests wanting more of what’s coming next from your business!

Get in touch with our team today for help concepting and marketing your next launch event.

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