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Leveraging AR & VR Technology To Transcend Physical Limitations

The heart of experiential marketing is lasting memories that connect consumers to brands. GRADIENT is taking that a step further.

We’re leveraging our digital expertise by exploring the exciting possibilities of VR and AR technologies to create immersive brand experiences that transcend physical limitations.

“What does that mean, Martin?” you may ask. It’s simple — keep reading

  • A branding experience may take your breath away in the heat of the moment. It can be powerful and memorable — but can that impact be lost in translation? Your prime ROI and content capital rest in the space between:

  • Capturing quality images and videos of attendees experiencing your brand;

  • Getting those assets into their hands for promotion.

  • The key to harnessing the full power of experiential is scaling emotional connection by bridging the gap between time and space digitally.

Cutting-edge technology offers us the chance to engineer a digital playground for brands. We’re even able to provide insights on the products themselves as we make those experiences more immersive.

Adding a digital layer explodes the reach of your brand’s story and impact.

What story do you want your audience to take away after experiencing your brand? Let's work together to make it unforgettable.

L'Oréal Paris | Brand Amassador Trip

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