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In Marketing, Value Isn’t Always Where You Think It Is

The future of marketing is here, and the value isn’t where you think it is. It’s not in campaigns founded on a big idea or email lists. The strategies of just a few years ago don’t land today.

Your value hinges on your ability to captivate your audience through emotionally-driven, immersive experiences. You must touch their hearts to move their minds.

McKinsey data tells us that up to 80% of word-of-mouth activity in a given product category stems from direct experiences.

But what kind of experience?

  • Visceral experience.

  • Authentic experience.

  • Personalized experience.

Marketing can no longer be a game of “spray and play.” Our audiences see through this in an age where consumer distrust is at an all-time high. Now, they want to experience you before they dance with you.

How do we create impactful encounters that will create loyal consumers?

By celebrating the marriage of human analog methods paired with technology. With a human-first, technology-second approach, you can create significant, emotionally-charged brand experiences to scale, and you can back up results with data.

If experiential marketing doesn’t live at the heart of your branding strategy, you’re leaving tremendous value on the table.

Close your eyes and recall a memorable moment with a brand that matters to you. I expect that memory is tied to a significant experience you shared with that brand.

Do you agree? Let’s share perspective and brainstorm together!

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