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How to Successfully Plan a Pop-Up Event With Help From Video

Updated: May 23

Pop-up events have become a popular way to bring people together and create memorable experiences. But how do you plan a pop-up event and ensure it stands out from the rest?

Video marketing is one of the best ways to market your event and ensure maximum success. This blog post will explore how video can help you create an unforgettable pop-up event.

Using a Video Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Pop-Up Event

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting your pop-up event. When used strategically, it can be used to capture attention and get people excited about attending your event.

Here are some tips for using video to promote your pop-up event:

  • Create a video content strategy that builds excitement for your upcoming event. Be sure to create a content calendar for the month leading up to your event in order to stay organized and on-theme; if you’re posting off the cuff, it often becomes disjointed. Some potential tactics you can include in your strategy are:

  • a countdown series on your Instagram Stories,

  • having some of your keynote speakers or VIP guests host Facebook Live events, and

  • sharing behind-the-scenes videos of your venue, speakers, and programs.

  • Use a combination of short videos and longer videos. Short videos are great for social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, while longer videos can be used on YouTube or other streaming platforms. This allows you to reach more potential attendees in more places.

  • Pro tip: Make the most of your time and effort in creating content by chopping up your long-form video into bite-sized pieces that you can share on social platforms.

  • Make sure your marketing video ideas are engaging and inspiring. People need to be able to connect with the content they’re watching, so make sure it’s entertaining but also informative. To do so, you can:

  • Push emotionally-driven narratives. Is there a human story behind your event? Does one of the speakers have an inspiring story you can tease by sharing a small clip?

  • Is there educational information you can share with your audience in a video series? Teaching people something of value helps them to buy in to what you’re selling.

  • Incorporate visuals into the marketing videos, such as images or illustrations that illustrate what is being said in the video. Visuals can help capture people’s attention quickly and keep them engaged throughout the entire video.

  • Pro tip: You can easily add stickers on Instagram Stories for a quick illustration integration.

  • Share teasers about the event before it takes place – this will build anticipation for what’s coming next.

  • Pro tip: Don’t give away too much, leaving your viewers with a cliff hanger will drive sign-ups.

  • Finally, as an integral piece of your video marketing strategy, don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of each video – this helps encourage viewers to take action after watching your video (e.g., “Register now.”).

  • Try to use the scarcity or urgency technique alongside your CTAs to drive conversion.

We offer video marketing services for pop-ups too.

Leveraging Influencers in Video Content

Influencers are another great way to promote your pop-up event through video content. By partnering with influencers who have already established themselves as experts in their respective fields, you can leverage their credibility and reach a wider audience than you would if you were trying to do it alone, explains Influencer Marketing Hub.

Here are some tips for working with influencers:

  • Research potential influencers by looking at their followers and engagement rates on social media – this will help ensure that they have an audience that is interested in what they have to offer

  • Reach out directly or collaborate with an agency that specializes in influencer marketing. Offer incentives for influencers who promote your event (e.g., free tickets or exclusive access)

  • Work closely with influencers during the planning process – make sure they understand what type of content you’d like them to create and how often they should post about it

  • Measure results by tracking engagement rates on posts featuring your event (e.g., number of likes, comments, shares)

Engaging Guests During the Event with Live Streams & Videos

Live streaming your pop-up event is an effective way to engage with guests while they are at the event. This allows those who couldn't make it in person to still feel included by watching live streams of interviews and activities taking place throughout the day.

And it gives you a platform to interact with viewers who are tuning in from home. If they have questions or comments during your live stream, you can respond in real-time.

You can also record videos during the event so you can share them later on social media or on your website. These videos can help spread awareness about what actually happened at your pop up which will encourage more people to attend future events you throw.

Ensure Your Pop-up Stands Out From the Crowd

One of the benefits of video marketing is that it’s an excellent way to promote your pop-up events successfully. By creating engaging content that captures attention and encourages action, leveraging influencers who can reach wider audiences than yourself, and measuring results along the way – you can ensure that your pop-up events stand out from all others.

With these tips in hand, you're ready to start planning your own unforgettable pop-up event.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help market your next event.

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