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How to optimize your ROI with Augmented Reality

We've all seen the filters on Snapchat: the bunny ears, the dog tongue. It’s fun. But did you know that fun is just a fraction of what augmented reality (AR) has to offer?

It's not just about creating cool filters or effects. It’s about:

  • extending your business strategy through digitalization;

  • connecting with audiences in more meaningful ways;

  • leveraging your existing production value and dollars to expand the experience you've already created.

AR tools are expected to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50.5 % by 2029. Integrating this technology into all facets of your marketing plan isn’t about preference — it’s essential.

Not sure if it’s for you? Keep reading:

  • Add a digital layer to your marketing approach via AR to deepen the relationship with your consumer. You can use 3D and videos to tell the story of your brand by scanning a poster at your IRL event.

  • Empower users and influencers to participate authentically by sharing their experiences on social platforms. AR is the starting point of great earned media campaigns. Some brands are enhancing that connection through digital promotion with an online media budget. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Grow your intellectual property (IP) through experiences while creating lasting memories. Moments are fleeting. Extending through digital is an ideal way to build your brand through IP you already own, which can be used way beyond the activation. Most AR experiences are easy to translate. So the money you spent to create them can be leveraged in all your markets, increasing your ROI.

The bottom line?

AR is a game-changer for brands and creators looking to connect profoundly with audiences in cost-effective, personal ways. The key? Start with a great idea and leverage tech tools currently on the market — one platform at a time.

Words don’t do the power of AR justice. But this recent Louvre exhibit demonstrates the compelling of immersive experiences powered by AR.

How are you augmenting your brand’s reality in 2023?

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