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From Event to Social Media: The Importance of Holding the Timeline in Today’s Hyper-Fragmented Media

I’m a manager of creativity and I’m a strategist — both roles have taught one thing: When we care, we share.
Content captured in the heat of an emotionally-charged moment is king, while content shared after an event is typically ignored. Social proof is key!

My team and I understand that our clients want two things:

  1. To be persuaded;

  2. To see tangible results that their investment is paying off.

The challenge clients face is that their user engagement is not as high or consistent as it could be — because it’s not as timely, appealing, or effective as it needs to be.

Beating this challenge has been difficult for many in our industry. Traditional methods of measurement and tracking are limited and ineffective.

They just haven’t been provided the right tools. They need smarter solutions powered by next-gen tech that allows for the seamless creation and sharing of high quality branded content in real-time.

We need solutions that entice your events’ attendees to share content on an impulse. Are you ready for the GRADIENT experience?

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