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Elevating Consumer Engagement: Data-Driven Experiential Activations with GRADIENT

At GRADIENT, we're passionate about Consumer Engagement and our ability to create lasting brand-customer bonds. It's all about meaningful interactions, trust, and loyalty, which you can measure through these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Dwell Time: Capturing attention duration.

  • Social Engagement Rate: Interactions vs. followers on posts.

  • Net Follower Growth: Tracking follower changes.

  • Web Search Increase: Rising online brand interest.

  • Samples Distributed: Evaluating sampling impact.

In our recent collaboration with TATCHA's Forest Awakening Pop-up, a 3-day retail takeover in partnership with Sephora to celebrate their first-ever body collection, we witnessed a remarkable response from Tatcha's consumers. This activation resulted in 1.1 million impressions, a gain of 3,000 social media followers, and surpassed all event expectations.

Similarly, our partnership with Prada Beauty for the Paradoxe 3-City Tour was equally impactful. Our strategy involved creating a consumer-facing, traveling pop-up in three major cities nationwide. The data gathered from consumers speaks volumes: we engaged with over 20,000 guests, distributed more than 43,000 samples, garnered an impressive 286,000+ product impressions, and secured over 377 million social media impressions.

These successes underscore the transformative potential of data-driven experiential activations that can significantly impact your brand's consumer engagement. How might these strategies reshape your brand's connection with its audience? Start a conversation with us to elevate your brand with GRADIENT!

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