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Balancing Innovation with Execution: The Power of Pragmatism in Entrepreneurship

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Innovation is progressive. It dreams of new directions, of boundless creative possibilities. But without actionable steps, a dream is just that: a dream.

As an entrepreneur, I always wanted to start new projects. As a founder and businessman, I want to continue building a great company.

GRADIENT has always been full of potential. But we could only build something great with balance to counter my innovative spirit — a Yin to my Yang.

Our pragmatic right hand, our partner and CEO Pauline Oudin, nurtured our potential, goals and ideas with step-by-step methodologies that leverage our teams’ creativity for real-world execution and results.

Since her arrival in 2017, we’ve established a company-wide culture, systems and processes that have allowed us to:

  • Showcase our adaptability by successfully pivoting during a pandemic.

  • Grow our team to more than 100, illustrating our commitment to growth.

  • Successfully raise funds to reinvest in our vision.

  • Foster a culture of respect and collaboration across departments and continents.

Industry disruption doesn’t just require a visionary brimming with fresh ideas. It demands a pragmatic pillar to clarify and communicate the vision seamlessly across teams — practicality to drive progression.

Many thanks to our incredible team and partners who work relentlessly. Without you, none of this would be possible. And to Pauline, it’s my privilege to thank you for being our Yin.

To all the entrepreneurs of the world: May you also find your balance…or your Pauline!

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