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3D Filters and Virtual Try-On: Enhancing Human Engagement in Marketing

Let's challenge the prevailing fear that AI will replace us.

In fact, I believe the opposite to be true in many ways: The digital age will heighten the desire and demand for the human element. This is why GRADIENT believes in experiential’s power to enhance and maintain human connection in the age of tech.

This is especially true for today’s brands and marketers.

Imagine this: 3D filters transforming consumer engagement. Take fashion items — why settle for generic ads when you can create an immersive experience that will engage your target audience? These filters employ body recognition technology, detecting body parts and movements. That's right—they allow consumers to try on clothes and fashion items virtually, perfectly illustrating how digital tools are used best when enhancing the human element.

So, ask yourself: As a consumer in the market for new sunglasses, what would appeal to you more? A personalized ad on your Instagram feed or an interactive virtual try-on?

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