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2 incredible AI tools that can transform the way you connect to your audience!

(Image from Armani "My Way" Pop-Up)

The more digitized our world becomes, the more we crave human connection. There’s simply no replacement for those small, personal moments.

I've recently discovered two incredible AI tools that can transform the way you connect with your consumers, colleagues, and clients:

  1. Bark by GitHub: Although ​​text-to-speech technology is nothing new, Bark brings a new level of quality and nuance to the model. It can interpret emotions and even impersonate a whisper. Imagine sending an audial invitation to a branding experience instead of an email — it’s much more personal!

  2. Synthesia creates AI-generated video content from text, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and software. With this tool, you can create engaging videos from mundane documents, PowerPoints, and PDFs.

While many argue that technology is making us more disconnected, I believe it can enhance human connection if used properly.

These tools are becoming increasingly accessible due to their low cost, so why not give them a try? Let’s innovate the metaverse together by infusing it with a personal touch.

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