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Experiential Insights

GRADIENT Experiential has concepted and produced hybrid and virtual events since 2010. Here are insights based on our decade of experience. 

January 2021

Experiential Round-Up - January 2021

TikTok, Prada, Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring x Coach, Oreo, Tomorrowland, CES, Cannes Lions: the news that grabbed our attention.


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Shape Your New Foundation

We all come in different shapes, formed by the experiences of our lives: the choices we made, the good moments and the bad, the successes and the failures, the mistakes and the happy moments. That shape was also influenced by external factors: from the influence of friends and family, to the state of the world we grew up in, to politics, climate, and more. And up until a few months ago, that shape was pretty well-defined.


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The Right (Tech) Tool
for your (Virtual/Hybrid) Job

The right technology can make or break the experience.  Unfortunately, because of confusing terminology, great tools aren’t always used for the right needs. Start with your brand and your audience’s needs, and let that lead the technology.


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10+ years of Hybrid Experience

At Gradient, our primary mission is to optimize human connection and create meaningful and memorable interactions between brands and customers/stakeholders.  In the hybrid experience space, we have been broadcasting those meaningful experiences to our clients’ target audiences since 2010.


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Keeping Human Connection at the Center
of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Some may chalk up the limited connection of lack-luster virtual events to a perceived screen-based reality that nothing can replace the emotion of in-person.  And yet, some digital experiences do achieve that emotional connection. So what are the key ingredients to the screen-based secret sauce?


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