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GRADIENT Experiential is an award-winning experiential marketing agency based in New York City. The creative agency was founded on the belief that strong emotions generated during an experience create longer-lasting connections between humans and brands. From livestream to IRL (in real life) experiences and all the content that supports them, GRADIENT empowers marketers to thrive in a world that constantly evolves.

What is a Virtual, Digital, Livestreamed Event?

Livestreaming, also called virtual or digital events, to put simply, is when video being filmed in real-time is transmitted over the internet for people anywhere in the world to tune in. Live streaming helps brands stay connected with their audiences, no matter the circumstances.


But in this new hybrid-first world, livestreaming technology has changed the business model of digital interactivity. For any livestream we can now film and project physical actors into the virtual world, create custom-branded digital environments, or push any type of content onto mass broadcast media.

Our Approach?

By leveraging human connection as a lens to storytelling, our teams can transform digital events into powerful hybrid tools that draw out emotions to create stronger, longer-lasting connections with your audiences.


Our digital events are designed as human experiences that put people first, and stimulate the senses to create visceral yet strategic interactions that go beyond digital boundaries. We transform creative concepts into breakthrough ideas, and pay attention to the details by designing with human interaction in mind.


Whatever the medium or platform, we concept and produce inspirational digital experiences that further your business goals.

Frequently asked questions regarding digital events:


How much does livestreaming an event cost?

A recurring question that can be compared to “how much does a website cost”. 


In both cases, it all depends on how complex it needs to be and how polished you need your brand to look. If you wouldn’t pay a professional designer or agency to build your website, then sure, you can probably use free or inexpensive livestreaming platforms. But if you need to protect your brand image, you should use a livestreaming production team. 


To get a detailed answer though, you can go straight to our homepage at and use our handy Livestream budget calculator that will walk you through the decisions that impact your budget.

What advice do you give first-time digital event speakers?

Most livestream speakers have never been in front of a camera, so how does Gradient Live get them comfortable enough to put on a great show? 

Most livestream speakers have never been in front of a camera. So don’t underestimate the amount of rehearsal they’ll need. Assume they’ll need to run through their presentation at least three times before they get comfortable with the set-up and their speaking material. 


Once they are comfortable, remind them of the usual public speaking advice: Find a really comfortable posture to avoid twitching. “Do. not. Rush.” “Go slower than you’d expect.” “Remember to breathe.” And if you can, get them to joke around a little: laughter really helps reduce nervousness and reminds them of the humanity of the folks on the other side of the equipment. 


Key point: really encourage the use of prompters, even if the speakers know their subject matter. Having even bullet points visible helps stay on top of the storyline.  


Finally, speaking into a camera is not as easy as it looks. Humans like to look into someone’s face when they speak. So either ask someone to stand right next to the camera so you can talk to them or place a monitor very close-by where they can see the faces of some of the folks they are speaking to, like the moderator.

How can I justify the cost of professional livestream when there are options out there that are free?

What quality level do you need? Does your brand need polish? 


What quality level do you need? Does your brand need polish? If you need to protect your image, you really should have a produced event. “Free” will require large amount of learning so it won’t really be free. If you want something that goes beyond a zoom call, it will require investment. If this is just informational, then record it with an onsite camera team, edit it professionally to make it engaging to watch, and post the video on all appropriate content channels. But if you need to engage your audience, invest in an engaging experience. 


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